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Sungrow provides a range of Inverter solutions.

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Sungrow Benefits

Sungrow Inverter Benefits

Sungrow provides a range of Inverter solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial solar needs, guaranteeing you with sustainable, clean energy solutions. Sungrow PV inverters range from 2.5kW inverters to 6.8MW inverters. All offer an efficiency of over 99%. Sungrow products can be seamlessly integrated into existing grids according to any required standard certification.

Sungrow’s inverters are light and have unique push-in connectors to save time on installations. You will also be protected in the event of a power outage via a smooth transition to back up mode. Inverters from Sungrow come with free online monitoring to enhance energy management.


  • Compact and easy to install
  • Touch free commissioning with smartphone
  • Fast charging/discharging to meet the demand of higher consumption and energy trading
  • High self-consumption with optimised built-in EMS
  • Remote firmware update and customisable settings
  • 150~600V wide battery voltage range
  • Supports parallel connection with full communication between inverters 

Why choose solar energy

Solar Benefits

Why you should consider solar energy

high return on investment

Saving Money

By using your own electricity rather than buying it from your electricity company, you save money.

reduce costs

Energy Independence

Even if there is a blackout, necessities such as the fridge, washing machine and lights do not have to stop.

reduce carbon emission

Environmental Benefits

Reduce the need to generate electricity from fossil fuels like coal and gas.

high return on investment

Property Value

Installing a quality residential solar system can increase the value of your home.

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