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Commercial solar power is one of the simplest ways to reduce electricity costs without impacting your day-to-day operations. As organisations from almost every industry are adopting commercial solar, it is one of the fastest growing energy efficiency initiatives across the country. Solar can provide a reduction of up to 60% on electricity costs while providing additional sustainability benefits to your organisation.

Our team of experts can help provide your organisation with an understanding into the benefits of solar. From an initial no-obligation consultation and feasibility study through to finance, design and installation – we are able to provide a sophisticated, high quality and hassle free approach to switching your business to renewables.

Our Capabilities include:


  • Full system design and supply
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Full Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) service
  • Energy Audits
  • Load Peak Shifting
  • Monitoring and Asset management

Why you should consider solar energy for your business


  • All systems are innovatively designed to achieve a high return on investment
  • Reduce your energy costs and increase profitability
  • Instantly reduce carbon emissions
  • Talk to our team today about the government small business asset write-off
  • Using energy from the sun is also a consideration of your overall social corporate responsibility and environmental design obligations

Why choose solar energy

Solar Benefits

Why you should consider solar energy for your business

high return on investment

High Return on Investment

All systems are innovatively designed to achieve a high return on investment
Reduce Costs

reduce costs

Reduce Costs

Producing your own energy minimises reliance on the grid and can reduce the cost of your electricity bill. 

reduce carbon emission

Reduce Carbon Emission

By converting sunlight into energy, you can reduce emissions and the demand for fossil fuels. 

high return on investment

Energy Independence

Even if there is a blackout, necessities such as office computers, servers and lights do not have to stop.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What special incentives are there for businesses?

Federal Government’s 2020 stimulus package for businesses

In recent years the Federal Government has frequently increased the instant asset write-off before tax time on 30th June. For 2020 the instant asset write-off threshold has been increased from $30,000 to $150,000 and expanded to include businesses with aggregated annual turnover of less than $500 million until 30 June 2020. These eligible businesses are be able to deduct 50 per cent of the cost of a solar system on installation, with existing depreciation rules applying to the balance of the asset’s cost.

Solar power is an excellent match for businesses who consume power during daylight hours and these stimulus measures further improve the financial case. We strongly recommend getting professional advice from your Accountant or Financial Adviser to see if investing in solar with an instant asset write-off is right for your business.

Link to Australian Government Treasury website for further details:

What type of Government rebates are available?

Both the State and Federal Government provide different forms of incentives when installing a new solar PV system.

A rebate when you purchase the system, which comes off the price of the system as a point of sale discount.
The purchase of the excess solar power you produce and don’t use during the day.

Ask us how you can benefit from these.

When does the STC rebate end?

Current legislation means the solar rebate started to reduce by one fifteenth every year from Jan 2017 until it drops to zero in 2031. At this point, there’s no confirmed danger of the panel rebate being scrapped entirely for the foreseeable future. While the subsidy seems safe for now, what most people aren’t aware of is the dollar value of this ‘solar rebate’ can be significantly reduced at any time if demand for solar systems suddenly increases along with other factors.

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