EV Charging Solutions

Accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy with electric vehicles.

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EV Charging Solutions

Electric Vehicle Charging

If you are an owner of an EV, or want to become one, then you are on the right track to help reduce pollution around your city. Easily installed to charge at your home with our Solar PV system.

SolarEdge’s EV charging single phase inverter allows homeowners to charge electric vehicles up to six times faster than a standard Level 1 charger. This is achieved through an innovative solar boost mode that harnesses grid and PV charging at the same time. 

SolarEdge’s EV charger is a world first for its PV inverter integration, and eliminates the need for separate products required for EV charging and solar PV inverters. With the combined capabilities of SolarEdge’s product, you also eliminate the need for additional wiring, conduit and a breaker installation. Moreover, with an integrated EV charger and PV inverter, you no longer require an additional dedicated circuit breaker. This saves you space and prevents the need for potential upgrades to the main distribution panel.



  • Combines solar and grid power for EV charging up to 6 times faster than a typical Level 1 charger
  • Designed to work specifically with SolarEdge power optimizers
  • Record-breaking 99% efficiency and high reliability, powered by HD-Wave technology
  • Small, lightweight, and as easy to install and commission as a standard SolarEdge inverte
  • Saves space on main distribution panel to avoid potential upgrade
  • Built-in, module-level monitoring (monitoring connection is also required for first-time EV charging)
  • Advanced safety features, including integrated arc fault protection
  • Flexible selection of charger cable types and lengths (cable and holder ordered separately)

Why choose solar energy

Solar Benefits

Why you should consider solar energy

high return on investment

Saving Money

By using your own electricity rather than buying it from your electricity company, you save money.

reduce costs

Energy Independence

Even if there is a blackout, necessities such as the fridge, washing machine and lights do not have to stop.

reduce carbon emission

Environmental Benefits

Reduce the need to generate electricity from fossil fuels like coal and gas.

high return on investment

Property Value

Installing a quality residential solar system can increase the value of your home.

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