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At Quest Energy, we and are relentless in our pursuit of the latest trends and technology.

This means that you receive cutting-edge products in the rapidly evolving and dynamic renewable energy space. At Quest HQ, located in Canning Vale we have a fully operational, interactive Solar Lab where we spend hours vigorously trialling and testing products to make sure the products we offer are the best on the market and are backed by reputable manufacturers from around the world.


solar panels

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are one of the most critical components of the system. Selecting the most efficient panel brand and module type warranted by a reputable manufacturer is just an important as ensuring they are designed at the best angle and direction and installed to the highest standard by a competent accredited installer. 

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Solar Battery Storage

Batteries are becoming more cost-effective over time and in some cases now can make financial sense. We can provide a comprehensive proposal to determine if batteries stack up for your situation or we can design a “battery ready” system so you are future proofed for when the return on investment makes sense.

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Solar Battery Storage
Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

We like to describe the Inverter as the ‘heart’ of the system. There are different types of inverters for different applications and for this and other reasons it is critical we select an inverter that is up to the job and one that offers the best performance for your money as well as a great warranty backed by a reputable manufacturer.

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Advanced monitoring allows Quest Energy to monitor our fleet of systems and offer quick trouble shooting should an issue. Monitoring via a user-friendly app also allows you the system owner to ensure your system is operating and that you are using it in a way in which you maximise your benefits from the system.

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Solar Mountain System

Solar mounting systems are another critical piece of the puzzle and are essentially responsible for ensuring your brand-new panels on the roof stay there. Superior mounting systems are manufactured with higher grades of aluminium and stainless steel, often resulting in lower levels of corrosion over the lifetime of the system.  As an alternative to the standard silver Clenergy mounting systems, we are excited to now stock Clenergy mountings in anodized Black offering an aesthetically pleasing final product when coupled with black framed panels.

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Our in-house team of Solar Engineers, Project Managers, Consultants and industry leading installers work together to seamlessly produce the best renewable energy solutions on the market, with after sales support to ensure your investment continues to benefit you for years to come. 

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