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✓ Solar Panels

✓ Our different packages, custom packages, and our BLACK OUT PACKAGE

✓ System monitoring

✓ Solar batteries and inverters

✓ EV Charging Solutions

✓ To Tesla or not to Tesla –  for that is the question

Our 6-Step Process

1. Solar Discovery Call

2. System Design

3. Final Design

4. Approvals and Installation Date

5. Installation and Training

6. After Sales Maintenance and Support

Quest Energy's 6 Step Process

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Our Satisfied

At Quest Energy, our clients are the centre of everything we do and we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of customer service and are always searching for new ways to improve the client’s experience.

Just letting you know that the installation team conducted themselves in a professional manner. My perception was that they understood their individual roles, worked cohesively as a team and produced a quality installation.

I was particularly impressed with your apprentice who was on the job, great customer service and a real keeper. 

I would also like to thank you personally Moe, as it was your easy going (no pressure) manner, thorough subject knowledge and perseverance with all my questions that encouraged me to commit to the installation. 

Communication through all steps of the process was first rate and a shining beacon for how business should be conducted. 

I would certainly be happy to recommend your company to my friends and associates, which is something I rarely do.

Well played, Quest!!


Andrew Burns

Quest Solar was extremely helpful and performed a timely and well setup installation.

Lam Yeoh

Quest Energy have provided us with excellent customer service from start to finish. The price they gave us was also cheaper then the other quotes that we got. Moe is very knowledgeable and was always available to answer any questions. The Installation process was a breeze, everything went to plan. We would definitely recommend Quest Energy.

Melina DSouza

The team from Quest Energy was very professional and accommodating. We went with Quest as we had roof spacing and shading issues that necessitated proper planning. They spent the time upfront to get the optimal location of the solar panels. The install on the day went smoothly.

Peter Reynolds

Painless process, came to the property quoted on the install, gave helpful information. High quality installation happy with the result.

Mario Girbin

Moe - Thank you for taking the time to actually visit our home rather than initially sending us an email in response to the request for a solar quote via Solar Quotes. I had asked for the other businesses to visit our home but they never did. It made a big difference to us that you took the time to explain in greater detail as to how the solar system works. It was also important to us, with hindsight, that you had our house roof on your computer linked in with your “shade” software. It was good to see that your system enabled the panel layout to be moved to different places on the roof in order to determine what would be the most effective layout for the best power generation by the panels.  The possible shading issues subsequently led to the choice of the SolarEdge inverter. Then the choice of the panels came down to our preferences. It has also been important to us that you have continued to remain available to answer our questions “simply” after the installation. Mike - Thanks for personally coming out with Shane to install the panels and the inverter. Even after the initial and subsequent discussions with Moe, we still had apprehensions as to how the installation process would happen.  Then as I watched the predetermined professional method that you obviously use for all such installations the apprehension went away. I knew we were in good hands. Cheers, Steve


Steven Guidera

Whole process was easy and straight forward. Great customer service. Been fun monitoring how much power the system generates throughout the day

Brent Luecke

Went with getting three quotes through Solarquotes. Went through the quotation phase and settled on Quest Energy on the basis of getting exactly what we wanted, price and the requisite quality of product. The final arrangement was a 6.6 kW panels (LG Mono X)/ 5 kW SolarEdge inverter and installed mid December. We experienced a very professional and efficient exercise from the quotation phase through to installation and after installation follow-up. Moe (engineer) was very knowledgeable, personable and helpful during the quotation phase and very prompt in providing the quote and other information and made some great suggestions in during the quotation meeting (especially given our shading issue). Once we got to installation, the installation team led by Michael was very slick and thorough and went through their planning and deployment very methodically and with great focus on safety (awesome to see) and with great teamwork (I was around all day to observe). The guys were very friendly and Michael worked out a way to tweak the installation to improve the panel arrangement in respect of the shading challenge. Would definitely use them again!

David May

Hi I first made the mistake by falling for heavy advertising on TV and got what I deserved a bunch of in professional idiots lucky I cancelled the order. What followed was a an absolute delight Quest Energy is a very professional local company from my first contact nothing but the best of service an constant updates of what was going on. The installation team professional and polite and efficient and clean and tidy. It’s been a pleasure dealing with such a professional team of people.

Don Barker

The team at Quest went above and beyond when we got our new solar system installed. They even tidied up after, not many tradies do that! Would highly recommend!

Keeley Hale