Deciding to Go Solar: Why Solar Power System Quality Matters in Perth

Deciding to Go Solar: Why Solar Power System Quality Matters in Perth


As the need for a more reliable and renewable energy source emerges through society, deciding to go solar is an option that many are seeking. Not only is solar power environmentally friendly and renewable, but it is also a source of high-performing energy depending on the quality of the solar power system that you decide to purchase. For those who currently have quality solar panel systems, investing in quality power systems further encourages the use of the solar power system and promotes a longer lifespan of the system.

What Is A Quality Solar Power System?

Once you have decided that a solar power system is a right option for your home, you should consider the quality of the system. Below are several variables to consider during an initial review.



Several manufacturers use different materials for their solar power systems. They are chosen by these manufacturers based upon either their durability for the work that needs to power the system, or their affordability, which can sacrifice durability and quality. Below are some common material options that are chosen for solar power systems:


  • Monocrystalline

  • Polycrystalline

  • Thin-Film panels


With monocrystalline being the highest quality of the options as the list moves downward, so does the quality of the material. Customers still attract these less than stellar materials due to their smaller price tags. Once you complete your review on the types of material available for these systems, your research should leave you with a list of potential solar power systems that you are interested in and will continue to review.


Solar Power System Components

Components of a quality solar power system include: 


  • Solar panels

  • Inverters and optimisers

  • Batteries


If a solar power system includes all the necessary components, then your research is off to a positive beginning. Some cheaper solar power options will have fewer components because they will consider some of these components “unnecessary,” and advertising a cheaper product for its affordability while minimizing the quality. A rule to consider is the number of panels you will need to sufficiently power your home. You can eliminate any solar power system that does not meet this minimum requirement.


Gather Your Research

Once you have a foundation of the type of material you should consider when purchasing your solar power system and the different components required, further your research to include current reviews of both the solar power system and manufacturer. Reviews and reputations can provide a distinctive insight into both a product and a manufacturer. Customers who make such a commitment will take the time to thoroughly review their experience of the system


Product Reviews and Warranty

Take a few minutes to review product reviews found on the different websites that sell the solar power system. Reviewing the product reviews on the company website is good, but an objective view from a third-party merchant that does not monitor these reviews will provide an honest overall review.


Is there a warranty provided for the solar power system? Warranties protect customers who make a significant investment into a product and receive less than the manufacturer standard. Quality solar power systems will offer a warranty with their product as a way to confirm the integrity of their product. If a warranty is not available for the system you are researching, it is best to abandon that system and seek out another. 


Company Reputation

Take a few moments to search the reviews of the manufacturer in general. If they are a quality company, they will have a reputation for producing reputable and quality products to customers. If you find yourself unable to find these reviews or some that leave you questioning their integrity, it is time to move forward with another system. 


Support System Location

Where is the location of the support system of the manufacturer? Should you need to contact someone regarding the quality or status of a purchased solar power system, you need to know that you have access to the support system and can speak with the customer service department. Consider those with locations that are within your time zone or region. 


Quality Over Affordability

When you are purchasing your solar power system, do not sacrifice the quality of the system to thoroughly power your home and last for many years because the price of one system looks better than one with the better material and reviews. Sacrificing this quality will only help you financially for a little while. Opting for the cheaper system will cost you more in the future when you need to replace components or the system in its entirety much sooner than a higher quality system will require. Solar dealers in Perth are well accustomed to the higher quality systems available on the market and would like to assist you with reducing your energy bills for the future.


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