LONGi Solar Panels

Convenient for installation, and are suitable for landscape installations. 

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LONGi Benefits

LONGi panels are convenient for installation, and are suitable for landscape installations. They promise reduced cable usage for ease of installation. 

LONGi is a world leading mono-crystalline solar module manufacturer. LONGi offers 3 key solar panel products:

  • The LR6-60OPH (345-355Wp)
  • The LR6-720PH (395-405Wp)
  • The Hi-MO X Design


  • 12-year warranty
  • LONGi’s mono cell technology guarantees high efficiency and low degradation
  • The tiles are cut from full square cells, offering a sleek design with no cell gaps
  • Their panels are known for their high strength frames

Why choose solar energy

Solar Benefits

Why you should consider solar energy

high return on investment

Saving Money

By using your own electricity rather than buying it from your electricity company, you save money.

reduce costs

Energy Independence

Even if there is a blackout, necessities such as the fridge, washing machine and lights do not have to stop.

reduce carbon emission

Environmental Benefits

Reduce the need to generate electricity from fossil fuels like coal and gas.

high return on investment

Property Value

Installing a quality residential solar system can increase the value of your home.

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